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Please note: I will be going on maternity leave in late July 2024. During this time and through January 2025, I will only be serving current clients virtually. If you are a new client, I may be able to offer virtual consultations if it is a good fit for both of us. Regular in-person consultations will resume after January 2025.

Ashley Feeley IBCLC


I’m Ashley Feeley, IBCLC, & Founder of Lovely Latch Lactation

I’m so happy for your growing family and your courage to take this journey. I'm a wife and mom who gets it. Whatever stage of parenting you’re in with littles, I’m here to remove some of that stress that surrounds feeding them.

My goal is to provide your child and family with compassionate, evidence-based care.

I listen to your wins and concerns with empathy. Then together, we map out your goals and create a customized care plan to get you where you want to be. As an IBCLC, I’m an expert in infant feeding and provide a safe space for you to reach your goals. You can do this! I’m here to help. Learn more about me here.

"As a first-time mom, I had a lot of anxiety around ensuring my daughter was able to latch correctly and nurse sufficiently. Ashley was so comforting, patient, and helped guide me through my concerns — while giving me the confidence I needed to nurse successfully. Her kindness and compassion were unsurpassed."


"Ashley was absolutely amazing and helpful to both me and my daughter! It was so nice to have such a caring and knowledgeable person to help guide me through the process of nursing. Ashley took the time to make sure I understood and constantly checked in to make sure that both me and my baby were doing well. I would highly recommend her!"


"Ashley is amazing, comforting, and caring. I was not making enough breast milk for my son and he also was having trouble latching. We are in the process of increasing supply."


By providing personal, judgment-free feeding education & support — you have tools to be in control of your outcome!

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I’m an in-network provider for Aetna and Blue Cross plans

Full Support Throughout Your Breastfeeding Experience

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Assessment &
Weighted Feed

A healthy baby and mom duo is our main goal. At our first meeting I will assess and weigh your sweet baby and keep track of progress throughout our work together.

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Care Plan

Infant feeding is not one-size-fits all, The main benefit to working with an IBCLC is customized care. Your nursing goals are my goals and we will design a plan to get you there!

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Follow Up

 A successful breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey takes time and patience. I am here to not only give you evidence based information but also, to lend support when frustrations come up.

Ashley Feeley With baby at lactation consultation
Mother and Baby at Lactation Consultation
Ashley Feeley with daughter

“Beautiful Mama, you are enough. You are so much more than enough.”

- Mindful Mamas

Encouragement From Mamas Like You

Ashley is so kind and compassionate and really knows her stuff! I was blown away by her attention to detail and her knowledge, which was always research-driven and fact-based. I never felt judged by her throughout my breastfeeding journey; I always felt supported. She allowed me to choose my own journey and provided information and tips to guide me through every step of the way. I loved that she was always available for questions and had time to make weekly home visits when necessary. I am so thankful for her care and expertise during such a vulnerable postpartum period. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family.


"I was fortunate enough to find Ashley. Ashely was encouraging from the very beginning, she was very patient with my insecurities and really helped me succeed from an extremely low supply to now being able to store my milk. My baby is now 4 months old and has plenty of milk! I think without your consultations I would have never gotten this far.  Thank you so much Ashley!  Our family really appreciates all you have done."


Ashley has been the perfect addition to our pregnancy and postpartum care team! She treats as a passionate and professional friend who offers immense knowledge on all topics related to breast and bottle feeding, oral ties, and general infant development. Not only are in-home visits a welcomed touch of connection, but the after-visit care plans she provides offer extensive information and resources. It’s the perfect amount of information from a trusted source that saves me time and stress. She has helped me stay committed to my ‘why’ and continue with breastfeeding despite some speed bumps. Ashley is a great clinician, and I would recommend her services to family and friends any day!


"Ashley is seriously the greatest.  She’s warm, kind, and informative.  She helped me take the stress out of nursing.  Because of her we ditched the schedules, reset with skin-to-skin, and became more connected. I was ready to quit and now I’ve never felt so confident as a new mom. I’m beyond lucky to have had her help."


"I contacted Ashley on recommendation when I was really needing some personal guidance with feeding struggles for my 5 week old. My sweet girl was aversive and crying for all feeds. It was tremendously frustrating as we had no idea how to help her! I was totally dreading all of our feedings which made me so sad as I knew this should be our bonding time. After getting her a small dose of silent reflux medication and cleared that nothing else was actually wrong medically, Ashley provided me strategies to build back our breastfeeding relationship to be more positive. She listened, researched, recommended strategies, followed my daughters lead, and continually adapted the approach to best meet our needs. I was days away from completely stopping breastfeeding because it became so stressful to 9 months of exclusively breastfeeding and looking forward to every single time I can hold, cuddle, and feed my daughter. We truly would not be at this point if it was not for Ashley!! Ashley is patient, thorough, educated, and honestly invests herself in her clients’ outcomes. She continues to be a huge supporter in our journey and I am incredibly grateful for her time and guidance. We have learned from her as she guided us with resources, strategies, and suggestions for latching, positions, timings, pumping, returning to work, and so much more. I am so grateful for the time that Ashley invested in us to help. I will never forget when my daughter started to look up at me and smile in the middle of a feed. That smile - is why Ashley comes with the highest recommendation possible."


"Ashley is so friendly, knowledgeable and really tailors her expertise with your own needs. Countless times I've found myself frustrated or spent with breastfeeding and she has always found a way to make me feel better while helping my child. I would recommend her 10/10!"

- Morgan

"I highly recommend Ashley as a consultant. Not only did she get back to me quickly but came over the next day (Saturday) to help with my discomfort. This is my second child and I have never experienced the pain I was having and I was not sure what was going on. Ashley was very helpful and knowledgeable on what to do and help with the discomfort. Within two days my pain was gone and thankfully it did not worsen. Then Ashley sent me resources that would be helpful to make sure that the pain does not come back as well as tips for breastfeeding. Ashley has also called and followed up on how I was feeling and if there were any questions or concerns that have come up since her visit. When I was not sure if my baby was taking in the right amount of breast milk, Ashley came over again to reassure me that my baby was and that I was doing exactly what the baby needed at that time. It was great peace of mind for me. I only wished I talked with Ashley with my first child because that first month of breastfeeding was extremely difficult for me."


"I just had my 4th baby and for the first time, I decided to reach out to a lactation consultant after struggling to breastfeed and feeling guilty about it with my first three kids. I was determined to make it work this time and wanted to do everything I could to achieve my goal. I contacted Ashley before delivery to set up a consultation to discuss my history, concerns, and goals. My baby girl had other plans and decided to come 3 weeks early; before I ever got to speak to Ashley. I messaged Ashley again with the news of my delivery right before Christmas. She came out on Christmas Eve to help me get started and address my concerns so that I wouldn’t worry and panic over the holiday. She has continued to be a huge support to me and has been nothing but encouraging. When I received some disappointing news about having a low supply and the fact that my baby was not able to transfer much milk, she allowed me to have my moment to cry and comforted me through it. I have no choice but to supplement with formula. Ashley supports my use of using formula and doesn’t make me feel guilty in any way for doing what I need to do for myself and for my baby."


"Ashley cares for her clients with care and compassion. She responds quickly and is sure to address any doubts or concerns. After one visit I feel more confident in my skills as a breastfeeding mama and know that I can reach out to Ashley any time I need help."


"Ashley is fantastic! From the initial evaluation, I knew she was a good fit to help me with my breastfeeding journey. Baby and my road was a little rocky at first. From difficulties gaining weight, latching, milk blebs, clogged ducts, and mastitis, Ashley guided me through up-to-date protocols so I could recover quickly and my baby could thrive with breast milk. Highly recommend her for your breastfeeding journey! The biggest bonus is that she comes to the huge house with a newborn!"


"Ashley is an incredible and wonderful lactation consultant! She taught me how to properly pump and increase my supply, different strategies for nursing, and everything in between. She has so much knowledge and has helped me immensely on this journey, I can’t thank her enough!"


"Having Ashley come to my home for the consultations was so helpful during the first few weeks postpartum.  She was so easygoing and reassuring and really helped provide me support during a stressful time being a new mom and a first-time breastfeeding mom.  She provided a lot of useful tips and information and helped to track my baby’s intake and weight which helped to figure out the best feeding schedule for me and my baby.  I would definitely recommend her to others and was grateful for the support."


"I am a mom of four who has breastfed for many years. I am so grateful that my newest baby daughter and I were able to work with Ashley to overcome some significant feeding challenges in the early weeks! I felt supported and reassured by the education Ashley provided during our visits and in the care plan she sent me. I have learned so much and my baby has really benefited. Thank you!"


"Getting discharged from Einstein Hospital I felt extremely uncomfortable and in the dark, regarding my breastfeeding journey. They took me saying I wanted to EBF as an indication that I knew what I was doing. I was just directed to shove my nipple into my baby despite the extreme, bone-chilling pain I experienced. I didn’t understand that there would be days when I couldn’t feed my son because my milk wasn’t in yet. So needless to say I was crying because of pain and cracked nipples and my baby was crying because he was hungry. I had no option but to supplement, I still believe to this day that if I had an appointment with Ashley before I gave birth I would have had the ability to EFB. I am three months in trying to play catch up and my son just wants the closeness of breastfeeding, hopefully, soon I will be all caught up. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Ashley, she is a wealth of knowledge! She was even the one who found and educated me on my son's tongue and lip tie, and his torticollis! I would suggest her to any first-time mommy like me!"


"I cannot recommend Ashley enough. She was a blessing and a wonderful support during the hardest points in my nursing journey not once, but twice. She was caring, compassionate, and so sweet with my baby. It was so nice to be listened to, understood, and given valuable resources. I will definitely be using her for future needs if I have another BF journey one day!"


"Ashley was great to work with! She was very flexible with scheduling and great with communication. She helped navigate my daughter's tongue tie and immediately provided her top suggestions on where to go and we have since gone back there for regular dental visits! I also had some trouble with clogged ducts later and Ashley provided me with the new protocols which were much different than when I had my first baby. I would definitely recommend her!"


"Ashley helped us overcome so much including refusal to breastfeed, trouble latching, clogs, and mastitis. She uses evidence-based practices and provides detailed care plans you can refer to. She was incredibly supportive, professional, and warm."


"I am a first-time mama and exclusive pumper since 3 weeks due to latch issues. I met Ashley when my baby was 6 months old, and wish I would have met her so much sooner in my breastfeeding/pumping journey. I was getting ready to give up on pumping because of pain, frequent clogged ducts, bloody breast milk, cracked nipples, and inadequate emptying due to misinformation I was given from prior specialists. Thanks to Ashley I was for the first time properly sized for flanges and given up-to-date research-based advice on best practices for my breast health. My baby is now 10 months old and I am still able to provide him with all the breast milk he needs pain-free and rarely get a clogged duct! It’s such a wonderful feeling to have comfortable breasts again and I thank Ashley for this. I strongly recommend any new mom consult with her. I will for sure be reaching out again if my hubby and I decide to have another baby! Thanks again, Ashley!"

-Kristin C

"Ashley explained everything in detail to us, and was always very understanding, patient and professional, would definitely recommend working with her."

-Erika F

"Ashley was an excellent breastfeeding resource. She provided individual one on one care to me and my son. She was patient, and kind, and answered all my questions with care! Ashley went above and beyond when my son was refusing to nurse and gave me additional supplies to help us get through it until surgery. It’s difficult having a newborn and even more difficult when your newborn is having a hard time eating- Ashley was there to support me every step of the way and I would recommend her to anyone having trouble nursing!"

-Ashley I 

"Thank you for all the work you do for us mamas and babies!!! I talk about the experience that I had with you to other mamas and they say you are truly above and beyond any other care they have received from other LCs. You are a GEM! And I hope that you keep doing this because it truly is your calling!"


"We never would have made it without you. Thank you for all your wisdom, guidance, and support!"


"After struggling to breastfeed my first baby and googling desperately in tears for help, when I heard there were lactation consultants who did house visits and prenatal consultations, I knew I needed that and found Ashley. I am SO thankful I did. While my breastfeeding story ended again with switching to all formula feeding, Ashley helped me reach my goals of breastfeeding/pumping longer before switching and being less overwhelmed than I was with my first. Ashley is supportive of whatever your goals are and has so much knowledge to help you get there. She is kind and encouraging, and exactly who I needed in my corner when figuring out the best way to feed my baby to make sure that everyone was thriving. Thank you, Ashley!"

-Sarah G

"I turned to Ashley for a second opinion when I was having a lot of issues with exclusively pumping. I was constantly having clogged milk ducts and was on the verge of giving up. Ashley came to our appointment having carefully read the notes I provided pre-appointment, so we didn’t waste any time. She measured me for proper flange fitting and provided me with techniques to help the flow and emptying of my milk ducts while pumping. I’ve utilized these techniques and I haven’t had issues since our appointment. She answered other questions I had and made sure I felt comfortable pumping in the workplace. Ashley made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment and put me at ease. She has been very easy to get in contact with. I’d absolutely recommend her to any of my friends."

-Jenn P 

"Ashley has been a large reason why my breastfeeding journey with my little guy has been as successful as it has been. I found Ashley a week after I was home from the hospital and was very lost on what I should be doing, in bad shape nursing, and having a lot of issues with latching and pain. She was able to create a plan for me and my little guy that put us on a much better path for both him and me. Now we are both thriving in our breastfeeding journey. It’s also really great having Ashley, as she is very knowledgeable and such a great resource and educator. She really takes the time to listen to your concerns and goals and make sure she is able to best support you in getting to them. I highly recommend her and can’t say enough good things about her. Me and Logan love our visits from Ashley."


"Ashley was able to squeeze us right in within a few days which I was grateful for. My baby was small for gestational age and struggling to gain weight despite our very best efforts with nursing. I’ve had three visits with Ashley so far, and she has been nothing but supportive and encouraging in helping us overcome some of the challenges we were facing with feeding. She individualized our plan and also provided us with options to support doing what worked best for both the baby and I. My baby girl has been gaining beautifully now and I feel so much more secure and confident with our feeding plan!"


"Ashley is excellent! She is a plethora of breastfeeding and boob knowledge. She is different than any Lactation expert I have ever met. She is accepting of any choices you make as empowering you mama is her main focus! "


"Ashley is simply the best! She is a caring and positive person all around and was supportive and knowledgeable throughout my second breastfeeding journey. This time around I felt like I had guidance to navigate all the challenges we endured. We dealt with tongue ties, formula shortage, and latching issues and Ashley was there to help us the entire time. She provided resources that helped me, and my baby enjoy this special time despite all the challenges. She loves helping other mamas and it truly shows. Thank you, Ashley!"


"Working with Ashley has been a godsend- she saved our chance at breastfeeding! I contacted Ashley when my son was 3 weeks old… 3 weeks too long. We had never been able to get a sufficient latch to nurse, so were trying to nurse at every feed, and then supplementing with a pumped bottle afterwards to ensure he was getting enough at each feed- it was fine, but really not sustainable and as a mama who wanted to breastfeed, pumping and giving bottles just hurt me emotionally. We were able to eventually get a latch in those 3 weeks using a shield, but again, that wasn’t really sustainable for the long term. 

When my baby started crying after and during feeds and me unable to know if he was eating enough, I gave in and knew it was time for the help I’d been putting off.  From the initial meeting through our final session, Ashley was professional but down to earth and made me feel entirely relaxed!  Through working with Ashley she helped ensure that indeed my baby was getting PLENTY with each feed (that I actually have the blessing and slight curse of an oversupply), helped me wean down to a smaller/more realistic shield, and ultimately get a latch with no shield. We’re still working on lip positioning (my little guy likes to tuck his top lip under), but it’s a WORLD of improvement and we successfully nurse every time- he only gets bottles when dad wants to feed him :-). I no longer fear or have anxiety over needing to feed him if we’re out of the house!

Not only did Ashley help us get the physical side of things down, the encouragement and confidence I gained from working with her has made ALL the difference! I plan to reach back out and work with her again come time for me to return to work on finding a good pumping schedule that works with still nursing!

I can’t recommend Ashley enough- she’s so kind, caring and attentive to what YOU want, reiterating over and over that you’re a rockstar, nursing is hard, and that YOU know what’s best for your baby. I’d work with Ashley over and over and know who I’ll be calling for anything I ever need in the further related to nursing/pumping and everything in between!"


"Ashley is wonderful to work with! I’ve worked with other IBCLCs in the past and I never felt like I was given all the options Ashley provides. She is compassionate, understanding, easy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable/educated."


"Ashley was very friendly and accommodating. She immediately made my son and I feel comfortable, and it was clear that she truly cared about her clients and their babies. She is very knowledgeable and has clear real-life experience when speaking with her. Her follow-up materials and extra information are easy to understand and very helpful. I would highly recommend her services!"

-Cori L.

Ashley has been awesome to work with. She has an answer to every question I have, which is a ton!! As a first-time mom, I was lost with how to feed between breast and pumping. She helped me decide on the best way to feed my baby with no judgment. She is a rockstar, and I recommend her to anyone.


I found Ashley online when searching for lactation consultants in my area, and what a stroke of luck that was! As a first-time mom, I was very anxious and intimidated about feeding my newborn, and Ashley has made this scary process doable! She is such a sweet, brilliant, compassionate soul, and I am thankful I got into her busy schedule. Do not hesitate to use her services!


Ashley is FANTASTIC!! She was so helpful in getting a good latch (without pain) when we came home from the hospital. She was also so helpful when preparing to return to work. Ashley is very detail-oriented in her treatment plans (I love the written instructions). She is just fantastic. If you are looking for a sign to book her, this is it 🙂


Ashley was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. My baby was struggling to get a good latch and I was in pain when we first got home from the hospital. I reached out to Ashley on a weekend. She responded quickly and got us her the calendar! She saved our breastfeeding relationship in the beginning. She continued to be incredibly helpful as we navigated each new milestone (return to work, introducing a bottle, pumping etc.,). I really cannot say enough positive things about Ashley!!


Ashley came into my home weekly soon after my daughter was born. I was having difficulty with latching and the entire breastfeeding journey. She provided such great support, education, and resources for me to follow each week. I've learned so much from her and am very thankful for the progress my daughter has made because of her!


Ashley has been wonderful throughout my entire breastfeeding journey. My case was rather unique since I was inducing lactation,  but she has been able to help me achieve a lot. While I may have needed to supplement with formula, Ashley has helped us make informed decisions every step of the way. We are so happy to have a fed, happy, and healthy baby with Ashley's help.