In-Home Lactation Visits

In Phoenixville, Limerick, & Chester Springs Pennsylvania

“Having Ashley come to my home for the consultations was so helpful during the first few weeks postpartum. She’s so easygoing and reassuring and really helped provide me support during a stressful time being a new mom and a first-time breastfeeding mom. She provided a lot of useful tips and information to help track my baby’s intake and weight. This helped to figure out the best feeding schedule for me and my baby. I would definitely recommend her to others and was grateful for the support.” -KIM


A Joyful Feeding Story IS Possible!

As a new parent, the early days feel daunting. Even if you’ve done this before, feeding can feel like a mountain you just don’t have the energy to climb. But don’t worry — you’ve got support nearby during this new chapter in your life. I’m Ashley, founder and owner of Lovely Latch Lactation. I became a lactation consultant to guide your family in feeding your baby with insight and compassion.

It’s not as easy as it looks. And when you’re suffering from a problem, nothing’s worse… With in-home visits, I help make it all easier. You can sit in the comfort of your living room, nursery, or bedroom and receive unmatched support from an experienced lactation consultant.

I get to the root of the problem faster — so you can get back to enjoying your baby in the comfort of your own home.

"As a first-time mom, I had a lot of anxiety around ensuring my daughter was able to latch correctly and nurse sufficiently. Ashley was so comforting and patient and helped guide me through my concerns while giving me the confidence I needed to nurse successfully. Her kindness and compassion were unsurpassed."


"I was fortunate enough to find Ashley. Ashely was encouraging from the very beginning, she was very patient with my insecurities and really helped me succeed from an extremely low supply to now being able to store my milk. My baby’s now 4 months old and has plenty of milk! I think without your consultations I would have never gotten this far. Thank you so much Ashley! Our family really appreciates all you have done."


Common Breastfeeding Struggles

Latching Trouble


Tongue Tie

Lip Tie

Failure To Thrive

Supply Issues

Food Allergies



Clogged Ducts



Going Back To Work




Transitioning From NICU


Nipple Shields

Breast or Bottle Refusal

Navigation Supplementation

Oral Rehabilitation

Feeding Twins or Multiples

Forceful or Fast Letdown

History of Breast Surgery

Introducing Solids

What's Covered In Your Home Lactation Consultation?

Review of Health & Birth History

First and foremost, we’ll go over any health conditions you or your baby may have. I also want to hear everything about the birth of your baby. Since feeding creates many types of challenges, it’s important to cover these details because it could explain why certain things happen.

There’s a big difference in feeding a full-term baby compared to a baby who had to stay in the NICU. Or, if you have a thyroid condition, it could impact your milk supply. There can be parent factors, baby factors, or a combination at play, and I’ll help you sort it out as qucikly as possible.

Physical Assessment of You & Baby
With your permission, and depending on the way you wish to feed your baby, I may perform a breast exam. This assures I get all the insight I need to support you and your baby’s specific feeding success.

Next, I gently give your baby an oral assessment to asses what your baby can and can not do. Oral function can greatly impact feeding and should be evaluated especially if you suspect tongue tie or lip ties. If possible, I’d love for you to feed your baby (I’ll assist as needed) so I can observe you both in action. This gives me so much to work with!

I’ll do a weight check with my fancy scale before and after the feeding to make sure they’re getting enough nourishment. All throughout this visit, you’ll get my personalized guidance and suggestions to make things feel smoother.

Customized Education & Support

You’ll leave our visit feeling empowered with practical resources. I use various types of educational materials, including handouts and videos. So whatever your learning style — I’ve got you covered. I’ll guide you from pumps, bottles, pacifiers, you name it. I’m ready with unwavering support and zero judgment!

Personalized Care Plan

You’re the expert on your baby. We’ll chat about your goals in combination with my assessment to customize a care plan a plan that fits your lifestyle and how you want to feed your baby. I give you resources and options to make it work — even on the tough days. Everyone has a lot going on in life but that doesn’t have to stop you from having the feeding story of your dreams.

Referrals to trusted and supportive providers will be included in the care plan as needed.

Let me be part of your village and support your family!

BONUS: 2 weeks of email support for those questions that pop up along the way!

"Ashley’s truly a gift! She’s so knowledgeable, patient, and understanding, which was much appreciated during such a stressful and emotional time of navigating life with a newborn. Ashley helped us to not only navigate the early days of breastfeeding, but also supported our journey through a tongue tie, reflux, and allergies. She was always accessible for questions and concerns and remained supportive and encouraging throughout the entire journey! Thank you, Ashley!"



  1. If I want to exclusively pump, chestfeed, or bodyfeed, can you help me?

    Absolutely. First off, zero judgment from me. I’m truly just excited for your family. Second, I pride myself in continuing all aspects of my lactation education to support all families. I’ve taken extra courses on pumping, bottle-feeding, inducing lactation, and chest/bodyfeeding.

  2. How do I know if my baby’s getting enough milk?

    I’ll reassure you on this. When I check your baby’s weight, I do it before and after feeding. My precise scale tells us down to the ounce how much milk your baby drank. This lets both of us know if good transfer and latch are happening! I’ll teach you ways to confidently know if your baby is satiated when I’m not there and how to increase feeding volume if needed.

    Plus, you get in-depth details about how quickly your baby’s belly grows and how much more they feed as they age. I include your baby’s weights plotted on a WHO growth curve and explain the parameters of growth, how much your baby needs per day, feeding based on age and weight, and how to feed your baby more if needed.

  3. What’s something I wish everyone knew about feeding their baby?

    Babies don’t know we have apps tracking everything. For all they know, a fox could be trying to eat them! Seriously, they have feeding and startle reflexes to keep them alive.

    Obsessing over clocks, apps, and schedules can really take away from the natural feeding process (not to mention your sanity). Trust me, you’ll have everything you need with me on your side. It doesn’t have to be stressful!

  4. Does insurance cover my lactation visits?

    A lot of them do! I’m in network and bill directly to these plans:

    Blue Cross plans including: Independence Blue Cross, Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East, and Independence Administrator
    Out-of-State BCBS

    Cost per visit for cash or out-of-network:

    Self-Pay Initial In-Home: $225
    Self-Pay Follow-up In-Home: $200
    Self-Pay Telehealth: $50 per 30 minutes
    Self-Pay Prenatal Consultation: $150

  5. What local areas do you serve?

    I typically stay within a 30 min radius of Oaks, PA.

    I’m your local, experienced lactation consultant if you live in: Phoenixville, Mont Clare, Collegeville, Trappe, Limerick, Audubon, Trooper, Royersford, Spring City, King of Prussia, Paoli, Berwyn, Malvern, Chesterbrook, Exton, Devon, Berwyn, Valley Forge, Skippack, Schwenksville, Pottstown, & Chester Springs.

    If I didn’t name your city and it’s 30 min away from Oaks, just assume I can care for your family!

  6. How do I set up an appointment with you?

    Fill out my intake form on my contact page, and I’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours. While you’re waiting, look over how to prepare for your visit here.

    We’ll schedule future follow-up appointments at the time of your visit if you are still working through concerns or as needed throughout your journey.

  7. What's your cancellation policy?

    Goals change and life happens. Please contact me within 24 hours if you need to cancel our appointment for any reason. You can request a virtual appointment if you or anyone in your home is unwell.