Tongue Tie Lactation Visits

Right At Home in Phoenixville, Collegeville, and Royersford, Pennsylvania

What’s a tongue tie? When the small band of tissues (called frenulum) attaches too firmly to the base of the tongue, it restricts movement and impacts function.

Meaning, your sweet baby can’t latch and feed very well. A tongue tie can cause serious battles in your breastfeeding journey. But with support from an experienced, passionate IBCLC — it doesn’t have to.

Lactation Consultant With Mom

Hi there, Ashley here, your international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). With my extra expertise and education in oral habilitation, I’m confident I can help your family reach the feeding goals of your dreams.

I’m excited to guide and support your family through your feeding struggles.

"Ashley’s wonderful to work with! I’ve worked with other IBCLCs in the past and I never felt like I was given all the options Ashley provides. She’s compassionate, understanding, easy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable/educated."


Struggling with These Common Tongue Tie Symptoms?

Sadly with a tongue tie, usually both you and your baby experience symptoms. If you or your baby have any or most of the below… an oral restriction might be the problem.

Your Baby Might:

Not be able to stay latched at all

Frequent or long feedings

Be fussy at the breast

Cough or choke while feeding

Suffer from reflux

Not be gaining weight

Cry a lot

Have lip blisters

Chomping jaw excrusions

Have a heart shaped tongue

Have milk tongue

Leak milk while feeding

Make a clicking sound while feeding

You Might Notice:


Bleeding or cracked nipples

Clogged ducts or mastitis

Milk supply issues

Feeling sad, discouraged, or anxious around feeding

I’ve taken additional courses on observing feeding difficulties and increasing oral function to support my community with the best resources possible. I can guide you on this path and help you reach your family’s specific feeding goals.

If you live in Oaks, Phoenixville, or Royersford — you have an experienced & compassionate lactation consultant near you!

"Ashley was absolute perfection! Her professionalism and knowledge helped both mommy and baby feel comfortable and safe right away. I can’t express enough how informative her consults were. She helped our little one get through a rough tongue tie and comforted us along the way. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out!"


What Does Your Tongue Tie Lactation Visit Cover?

Oral Assessment of Structure, Function & Symptoms

We’ll use this time to talk about your journey so far. What do you envision for your family and feeding goals? Expect zero judgment — I support all walks of life and growing families. We’ll also go over all the symptoms so I can pinpoint the root of the problem.

Feeding Evaluation

It’s critical I’m able to see how your baby latches and swallows. Plus, we’ll take weight measurements to build your confidence in your milk transfer to your baby. If feeding’s painful for you, I’ll show you how to make it better right then. (It should never hurt.) You and your baby thriving is my #1 goal!

Let’s ensure your baby’s feeding needs are met, supply is protected to set the stage for success post-frenectomy.

Pre & Post Care Support

If your precious little one does need a tongue tie release or procedure, I walk you through every step (and every fear). Bodywork and oral exercises are all part of getting the best outcome for your baby. Luckily, I’m plugged into multiple resources in our community. You’ll get referrals for experienced and trusted Bodyworkers and Pediatric Dentists.

A Plan That Supports Your Family’s Goals

Breastfeeding, body feeding, chestfeeding, bottle, formula…I don’t care HOW you want to feed your baby, I’m here to SUPPORT your life and goals. I customize a plan for you to remove your questions, build your confidence, and give you what you need to succeed!

"Ashley’s truly a gift! She’s so knowledgeable, patient, and understanding which was much appreciated during such a stressful and emotional time of navigating life with a newborn. Ashley helped us to not only navigate the early days of breastfeeding, but also supported our journey through a tongue tie, reflux, and allergies. She was always accessible for questions and concerns and remained supportive and encouraging throughout the entire journey! Thank you, Ashley!"



  1. Do you have to get a frenectomy or release when your baby has a tongue tie?

    I asses oral function and give you guidance and information to make an informed decision. You as the parent get to decide what’s best for your child. Structure and function play a huge part in feeding at both the breast and bottle.

    However, releasing the tie alone may not solve the problem. Pre- and post-release care makes a huge difference in outcomes. I always recommend bodywork by a physical therapist, craniosacral therapist, or chiropractor prior to a frenectomy. Post-frenectomy, I support families with comfort measures, stretches, and body movements to aid in healing as well as increase oral strength and range of motion.

    Trust me, we’ll go over all this more at your first visit!

  2. Does the procedure hurt my baby?

    I completely understand this is one of your biggest fears. Your release provider can answer specific questions. Yes, it’ll hurt a little but it’s so quick and worth it. I’ll give you comfort options and ensure you’re confident in post-frenectomy care. Your baby will be free to feed more easily and your journey should dramatically improve.

  3. What are other names for tongue ties?

    I’m huge on educating my parents because it empowers you on this journey. Tongue
    tie can also be referred to as oral restrictions, tethered oral tissues (TOTs), or ankyloglossia.

    TOTs could also be an upper lip tie or a buccal tie, for example, also impacting your
    feeding. This is all the more reason to see an experienced and educated IBCLC on oral restrictions.

  4. Does my insurance cover lactation?

    Many do! I’m an in-network provider for Aetna and Blue Cross plans including: Independence Blue Cross, Personal Choice, Keystone Health Plan East, Independence Administrator, and Out-of-State BCBS plans. I bill them directly for visits.

  5. Can I just bottle-feed my tongue-tie baby?

    You can feed your baby however you choose. Treatments based on the ties impact on function. No one can say what function will be impacted in the future.

    Potential impacts include:
    Difficulty taking a bottle or with solids
    Excessive drooling
    Picky eating
    Poor speech intelligibility
    Sleep quality issues such as snoring, mouth breathing, restless sleeping, bedwetting, & teeth grinding

    However you want to feed your baby and reach your goals, I’m here to get you there.

  6. How do I set up a visit with you?

    Fill out my intake form first. This gives me critical details for your care. After I look everything over, I’ll follow up with an email within 24-48 hours. Hang in there — we’ll be in touch soon!

    However you want to feed your baby and reach your goals, I’m here to get you there.