Kind Words

From Mamas Like You

I am so grateful for every Mama I have the honor to work with. Their success brings me so much joy and I am so flattered by their testimonials. Thank you to all of my wonderful and inspiring clients.

"Ashley was absolute perfection! Her professionalism and knowledge helped both mommy and baby feel comfortable and safe right away. I can’t express enough how informative her consults were. She helped our little one get through a rough tongue tie and comforted us along the way. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out!"


"Contacting Ashley and scheduling with her right after our baby was born was absolutely one of the best decisions we made to help our baby on his nursing journey. He was born with a tongue tie and the nurses at the hospital were discouraged about him being able to nurse at all. Ashley accepted the challenge and guided us the entire way through. Ashley provided us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision about what was right for our son. Our son nurses like a champ now (already doubling his birth weight in less than 2 months) and it is because of Ashley's time and dedication. In addition, to support for our son- she was also always kind, supportive, and compassionate with me which meant a lot. Being a new mom can be a challenge in many ways, especially around nursing but Ashley's support emotionally really helped me keep going. I would highly recommend hiring Ashley- you will not be disappointed."


"Ashley is truly a gift! She is so knowledgeable, patient, and understanding which was much appreciated during such a stressful and emotional time of navigating life with a newborn. Ashley helped us to not only navigate the early days of breastfeeding, but also supported our journey through a tongue tie, reflux, and allergies. She was always accessible for questions and concerns and remained supportive and encouraging throughout the entire journey! Thank you, Ashley!"


"Ashley was recommended to me by another mom in my support group and I'm so glad we worked together! I highly recommend Ashley for both her caring approach and professional experience! She consulted with me well before our baby was born, and all the while stayed in contact, provided detailed care plans, and made herself available as much as possible. Most importantly, Ashley's approach to breastfeeding is focused heavily on the individual meaning she voices and supports moms in whatever choices they feel is right for their family - she created a safe space. For example, while our BF journey was short, she supported me wholeheartedly when I shared that I wanted to end it and provided guidance on how to best do so. Thank you, Ashley!"


"Ashley is wonderful to work with! I’ve worked with other IBCLCs in the past and I never felt like I was given all the options Ashley provides. She is compassionate, understanding, easy to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable/educated."


"As a first-time mom, I had a lot of anxiety around ensuring my daughter was able to latch correctly and nurse sufficiently. Ashley was so comforting and patient and helped guide me through my concerns while giving me the confidence I needed to nurse successfully. Her kindness and compassion were unsurpassed."


"When my milk came in on day 3-4, I was immediately engorged, my newborn wouldn’t latch and it was a full-on crisis. I started going down the list of lactation consultants that I received at discharge and Ashley was the first to pick up. She was happy to add me on as a home visit to the end of her day. She spent 2 hours with my husband, son, and I and taught us so much about the breastfeeding journey. She provided a care plan and additional resources to help us navigate the new world of parenthood. I credit this first visit and all of her help/support to my breastfeeding success! My son regained his birth weight within a week and has been putting on the pounds ever since. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and I highly recommend her!"


"Thank you so much for helping us get through the first few weeks of having a newborn! Nursing was so difficult and if it wasn’t for you we’d probably have switched to formula very early on. Your encouragement and specific care plan that was tailored to my and my baby’s needs helped bring in sufficient milk supply. I learned that pumping is still breastfeeding! I truly appreciate how kind and supportive you were during our visits, thank you!"


"Ashley has been critical to our support system once we left the hospital. I struggled with not knowing if I was producing enough, if our baby was being nourished enough and how to find a balance that worked for our family unit. Ashley has been that sounding board and cheerleader that we needed. She balances supporting mom, baby, and the family in a perfect way all while providing scientifically sound suggestions and care plans. We are truly grateful that Ashley was recommended to us by a close friend. Breastfeeding and nursing has not been easy but with Ashley's support, we have been making progress and finding our groove."


"So happy to have found Ashley. She truly cares about postpartum women and helps them through their nursing journey. She is helping me with overactive letdown and oversupply as well as basically everything else related to nursing. I’m an experienced breastfeeder and know a lot, but it goes to show that you always always need support and someone with expertise when picking up nursing again. She listens, understands, shows empathy, and shared her personal experiences as a mom/nurser. Plus she gives this really good coconut oil spray for sore nipples which has been a godsend. I actually prefer it to the butters and medela products.
Ashley has answered my text questions and called me with advice. She recommends evidence-based supplements to help prevent clogged ducts. I was so relieved the first time I met her just knowing someone had my back!!!!! I look forward to our sessions because again having support and expertise is so critical.
Thank you, Ashley."


"Today I breastfed in public for the FIRST TIME EVER! I never thought I would be able to do that. With my first baby, I breastfed for 6 months, struggled a lot, and never once nursed in public. I can’t thank Ashley enough for the knowledge and confidence she has given me. She met with me about mid-way through my 3rd trimester and I felt so prepared this time around. The baby had very high bilirubin levels, was admitted to the NICU, and needed to be hydrated quickly. Because Ashley had helped me prepare for this (my other 2 babies also had high bilirubins), I was able to stay calm in a very stressful situation and hand express, nurse, and pump with confidence. Her home visits have been beyond helpful and I am so incredibly grateful to her to be able to have this experience and special time with my baby."


"Ashley is compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. Flexible and also accessible. While breastfeeding is super intimidating and a lot harder than I thought, Ashley helped in a way that was super encouraging and motivational. Her daughter even made me a cute construction paper award for breastfeeding! It’s still taped on my wall as a reminder that hard work pays off. I’d recommend Ashley to anyone. She is truly a credit to the field of IBCLCs. I’m so glad I got the support that allowed me to continue breastfeeding, and that when my child wasn’t gaining appropriately she helped me with supplementing - judgment free. A true professional and expert."


"Ashley has done everything possible to make sure I and my baby girl are happy, healthy, and successful. You can tell it’s not just her job, but definitely a passion. She responds immediately to all concerns and questions…even if they’re a frantic text message worried about my supply or nipple “confusion” at all times of the day. She alerted me to my baby’s tongue tie that needed to be released and helped me realize things about my nursing journey to help me be more confident and comfortable. Her personalized post-visit reports provide more information and resources than I even thought I would need. I’m so glad she came up first in my search through my insurance website!"


"Ashley has been invaluable during our breastfeeding journey! She has been so supportive as we faced many struggles from tongue tie and difficulty latching to a low milk supply. I couldn’t have done this without her. I would highly recommend Ashley to any breastfeeding/chestfeeding person!"


"Ashley listened to me and helped me with exactly what I needed. She is very professional and very sweet. She is fantastic!"


"Ashley was super knowledgeable and eager to help. She accommodated us very quickly and spent time making sure we understood and were comfortable with all the new information we were learning. I am grateful to have her support."


"Ashley was a godsend! As a first-time Mom, I was lost when it came to breastfeeding and pumping. Ashley showed up at my door ready and willing to help with such compassion and kindness. She supported me in my decision to exclusively pump and for that, I am so grateful. She has guided me every step of the way and I attribute my successful pumping journey to her and her knowledge! I would have been lost without her! Thank you, Ashley!!"


"I contacted Ashley on recommendation when I was really needing some personal guidance with feeding struggles for my 5 week old. My sweet girl was aversive and crying for all feeds. It was tremendously frustrating as we had no idea how to help her! I was totally dreading all of our feedings which made me so sad as I knew this should be our bonding time. After getting her a small dose of silent reflux medication and cleared that nothing else was actually wrong medically, Ashley provided me strategies to build back our breastfeeding relationship to be more positive. She listened, researched, recommended strategies, followed my daughters lead, and continually adapted the approach to best meet our needs. I was days away from completely stopping breastfeeding because it became so stressful to 9 months of exclusively breastfeeding and looking forward to every single time I can hold, cuddle, and feed my daughter. We truly would not be at this point if it was not for Ashley!! Ashley is patient, thorough, educated, and honestly invests herself in her clients’ outcomes. She continues to be a huge supporter in our journey and I am incredibly grateful for her time and guidance. We have learned from her as she guided us with resources, strategies, and suggestions for latching, positions, timings, pumping, returning to work, and so much more. I am so grateful for the time that Ashley invested in us to help. I will never forget when my daughter started to look up at me and smile in the middle of a feed. That smile - is why Ashley comes with the highest recommendation possible."


"Ashley was absolutely amazing and helpful to both me and my daughter! It was so nice to have such a caring and knowledgeable person to help guide me through the process of nursing. Ashley took the time to make sure I understood and constantly checked in to make sure that both me and my baby were doing well. I would highly recommend her!"


"Ashley was very friendly and accommodating. She immediately made me and my son feel comfortable and it was clear that she truly cares about her clients and their babies. She is very knowledgeable and has real-life experience that is clear when speaking with her. Her follow-up materials and extra information are easy to understand and very helpful. I would highly recommend her services!"

-Cori L.

"I was fortunate enough to find Ashley. Ashely was encouraging from the very beginning, she was very patient with my insecurities and really helped me succeed from an extremely low supply to now being able to store my milk. My baby is now 4 months old and has plenty of milk! I think without your consultations I would have never gotten this far. Thank you so much Ashley! Our family really appreciates all you have done."


"Ashley is amazing, comforting and caring. I was not making enough breast milk for my son and he also was having trouble latching. We are in the process of increasing supply."


"Ashley is seriously the greatest.  She’s warm, kind, and informative.  She helped me take the stress out of nursing.  Because of her we ditched the schedules, reset with skin-to-skin, and became more connected. I was ready to quit and now I’ve never felt so confident as a new mom. I’m beyond lucky to have had her help."


"Ashley is so friendly, knowledgeable and really tailors her expertise with your own needs. Countless times I've found myself frustrated or spent with breastfeeding and she has always found a way to make me feel better while helping my child. I would recommend her 10/10!"

- Morgan

"I highly recommend Ashley as a consultant. Not only did she get back to me quickly but came over the next day (Saturday) to help with my discomfort. This is my second child and I have never experienced the pain I was having and I was not sure what was going on. Ashley was very helpful and knowledgeable on what to do and help with the discomfort. Within two days my pain was gone and thankfully it did not worsen. Then Ashley sent me resources that would be helpful to make sure that the pain does not come back as well as tips for breastfeeding. Ashley has also called and followed up on how I was feeling and if there were any questions or concerns that have come up since her visit. When I was not sure if my baby was taking in the right amount of breast milk, Ashley came over again to reassure me that my baby was and that I was doing exactly what the baby needed at that time. It was great peace of mind for me. I only wished I talked with Ashley with my first child because that first month of breastfeeding was extremely difficult for me."

- Christine

" As a new mom, I came home with my daughter from the hospital with the hope to breastfeed as long as I could; however, I was overwhelmed and confused with the process. Ashley was my guardian angel during that time and walked me through each and every single one of my (many!) questions that I had. I appreciated Ashley's approach immensely because I found her to be encouraging and genuinely interested in helping me meet my breastfeeding goals. It is incredibly apparent that this is a passion for Ashley and she enjoys helping mothers on their journeys, no matter their end goal. I know I would not have breastfed my daughter for as long as I did if it weren't for Ashley!"

- Alyssa

" I just had my 4th baby and for the first time, I decided to reach out to a lactation consultant after struggling to breastfeed and feeling guilty about it with my first three kids. I was determined to make it work this time and wanted to do everything I could to achieve my goal. I contacted Ashley before delivery to set up a consultation to discuss my history, concerns, and goals. My baby girl had other plans and decided to come 3 weeks early; before I ever got to speak to Ashley. I messaged Ashley again with the news of my delivery right before Christmas. She came out on Christmas Eve to help me get started and address my concerns so that I wouldn’t worry and panic over the holiday. She has continued to be a huge support to me and has been nothing but encouraging. When I received some disappointing news about having a low supply and the fact that my baby was not able to transfer much milk, she allowed me to have my moment to cry and comforted me through it. I have no choice but to supplement with formula. Ashley supports my use of using formula and doesn’t make me feel guilty in any way for doing what I need to do for myself and for my baby."

- Amanda

"Ashley cares for her clients with care and compassion. She responds quickly and is sure to address any doubts or concerns. After one visit I feel more confident in my skills as a breastfeeding mama and know that I can reach out to Ashley any time I need help."

- Kelsey